Restoring a yellowed Sega Mark III console

In my opinion, the best looking version of the Sega Master System was the original, so I decided to get a Sega Mark III. On a recent trip to Japan I looked everywhere I could for one, but I only came back with a controller.

 I saw a beat up Japanese Master System in an outer-Tokyo Hard-off, and an FM unit in Osaka Super Potato, but decided not to risk the latter since I wouldn’t be able to test it.

Mark III consoles cost a fortune on eBay, so I got one on Yahoo Auctions. As google translates the katakana: here is the Segamaku3 (!).


It oozes 80s Japanese industrial design kitsch.

I got two, one in box and one without. The in-box one was listed as ‘untested’ so I grabbed another that was console only but listed as working. Turns out both worked fine. But both were very yellowed. It seems it is a common practice for Japanese sellers to modify their photos to make things look less yellowed.

Here’s one next to my non-yellowed Famicom:


Time for some hydrogen peroxide treatment, as outlined in this Neogaf thread.

I did them one at a time to demonstrate the result:


I love this little message on top, so polite!


And the result:


Beautiful, looks like a prop from an 80s Scifi.

So small compared to the Master System.


This was the first of many Segamaku projects I’ve completed recently. Coming soon: FM unit info, external RGB amplifier, and the world’s first Mark III flash cart!

3 thoughts on “Restoring a yellowed Sega Mark III console

  1. Rob July 5, 2022 / 10:54 am

    Hey, I know this is an old article but maybe you’ll reply. I just recently acquired my own Mark III and, just like one of yours, it is missing it’s little yellow reset button. Did you ever replace that? Know of a source for them (seems like a common thing that they’re missing)? Or I have a 3D printer, I might try to model/print one, but hard to do with no reference.


    • D.Lo July 5, 2022 / 11:19 am

      Hi, I wasn’t actually missing the button, that was just unit that had been disassembled for peroxide treatment.
      Sorry no idea on sourcing another.


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