Famicom Everdrive N8 replacement shell

I use the Everdrive N8 for most of my game playing. While I love collecting physical games in boxes, I largely keep them in the box and use the Everdrive to play the games I own.


I bought it a couple of years ago with a shell. It’s a classy transparent plastic, but it always annoyed me how the shell was taller than a standard Fami cart. It seems these are still the shells being sold with the carts even today too.




However, I found a seller on Alibaba who sells knockoff Everdrives (Pirated piracy carts…), and he sells a shell separately as well. And it looked pretty good so I grabbed one.

It’s every bit as high quality as the real one, and even comes with an equally professionally printed label. But is the right height! So much better.

N8_1898 N8_1899

I got blue this time, because the red didn’t go well with the OG Fami. Blue looks amazing.



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