Famicom NES controller

Want that classic Famicom feel without the hassle of having to sit two feet from the console?

Here’s the solution.

FamiNES Controller_2140

It’s an NES controller board and cord in an original Famicom pad shell.

FamiNES Controller_2142

Glorious gold faceplate on rich burgundy plastic. Rounded corners for that premium experience.

FamiNES Controller_2143

All the class, prestige and comfort of the original classic, without the hassle.

FamiNES Controller_2144

Perfect for the discerning Famicom enthusiast’s AV Fami needs.

FamiNES Controller_2145

FamiNES Controller_2148

I do the same with The Super Fami. None of the SNES’ ugly lavender concave button nonsense, but with a much longer controller cord than the Super Fami pad.

FamiNES Controller_2154

Of course, Super Famicom Jr. controller cords are the full length already. But this sucker is staying mint in the box for now.

FamiNES Controller_2158

My ready-to-go Nintendo controller drawer. Sometimes you want Famicom, sometimes you want dogbone, and sometimes you want to rock out gajin style on the squared off NES pad.

FamiNES Controller_2161


5 thoughts on “Famicom NES controller

  1. Walter January 14, 2019 / 9:12 pm

    That controller is exactly what I need to finish my ROB setup!

    Do you sell those? Or do you have tips on how to make one?

    The NES controllers don’t fit in a Japanese ROB controller holder.


    • D.Lo January 14, 2019 / 10:40 pm

      It’s as simple as putting an NES controller board inside a Famicom Player 1 shell. They are completely compatible, physically.
      What may be hard is finding a decent condition Famicom pad, as most are pretty beat up.
      What country are you in?


      • Walter January 15, 2019 / 6:39 am

        Oh, they don’t require any modification whatsoever? That’s lovely.

        I’m in the Netherlands.


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