Sega Steering Wheel Handle Controller SH-400 (ハンドルコントローラ)

Here’s a pretty cool piece – the Sega Steering Wheel Handle Controller (ハンドルコントローラ)

It was designed for the SG1000, which had a few racing games like Safari Race

As shown on the side of the box.

And it was clearly styled to match the SG1000 II

But personally I think it’s best suited to playing Outrun – with FM audio – on the Mark III!

Mark III set up and ready to rock.

To be honest it’s slightly annoying to use, because Outrun requires you to hold one of the buttons to accelerate. But it oozes 80s charm, and this was the premium ‘Sega at home’ experience of the mid 80s.


One thought on “Sega Steering Wheel Handle Controller SH-400 (ハンドルコントローラ)

  1. Cédric February 18, 2019 / 6:44 pm

    You’re actually the first person on the Internet ( at least in the West I guess ) to more or less review this thing. I’ve been wanting this thing for my Mark III but honestly I had some doubts about the gameplay because everything is on the left ( just like the Sega Control Stick ) and the gearshift is next to the buttons. You would have to hold down gas and then shift at the same time. I do adore its toylike appearance.
    I guess the Handle Bar for motorcycle games will present the same issues when playing Hang On ( which is featured on its box or in commercials, can’t really remember ). Too bad, Sega in those days didn’t make the best controllers. Even later there were some unfortunate missteps like releasing the Mission Stick for Sega Saturn for games like After burner and then not having it be compatible later on with Galaxy Force II ( only works for digital controls ).
    It’s also sad they didn’t make this analogue since the Colecovision wheel before this was and it was compatible with a Sega arcade hit, Turbo! Outrun on Mark III does have analog controls with the Paddle Controller but I guess you wouldn’t be able to shift gears then. The Famicom has the same thing for Chase HQ and the Arkanoid controller.

    On another note, in your review on Sega 8 bit controllers, you mention that before the Master System, controllers were made in Japan but I checked my Mark III controllers and they say Made in Taiwan…


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